27 December 2011

help me help me

not the bell...not my dingle bell



23 December 2011

Merry Xmas


16 December 2011

On a wooden platform a young cheetah basked in the morning sun.
Cara, the cheetah’s keeper, walked into the enclosure, her long blonde hair hanging loose.

“Hey, Samson,” Cara called softly. She moved slowly up behind the cub and crouched down. A cloud of dust swirled over her jeans. “How are you, wee man?”

Samson lay motionless, totally ignoring his keeper’s presence.

“Aren't you talking today, mister?” Cara smiled and gazed at the dark brown spots covering Samson’s creamy tan fur. Each one perfectly placed to form a unique pattern. And those fuzzy ears...so beautiful!

Cara’s blue eyes suddenly filled and her stomach churned. How could anyone kill such a magnificent creature?

Human greed had driven the cheetah to near extinction. But now, she could make a difference. Recently graduated from university, Cara was part of the team working on Arana Park’s cheetah breeding programme.

With one hand on the edge of the platform, Cara reached out and gently placed her hand on Samson’s head. His warm soft ear touched her palm.

“You’re such a gorgeous boy” she whispered. Just then, she felt a deep, vibrating rumble erupt from Samson. Cara’s face flushed with happiness.

He was purring.

*original cheetah photo from Orana Wildlife Park

15 December 2011

An eerie silence fills the graveyard as the fog slithers in, smothering all in its path.

On a twisted branch, a raven waits.

Juliet wakens as Romeo draws the last few breaths of life.
Desperately she nudges his rigid, pain-wracked body.

With her heart breaking, she watches as the soul is sucked from his eyes.

He is still.

"O Romeo, my love, whatever shall I do?" she whispers.

Suddenly, she remembers...Peter.

"O Peter, Peter! Where art thou Peter Rabbit?"

With a flick of her tail she hops off in search of love's sweet fruit.

The raven swoops...


14 December 2011

scuttled into the shadows!

13 December 2011

the curse

Larisa slipped quietly through the door into a gloomy, smallish bedroom with wooden floorboards and a high ceiling. It smelt like Murdoch — old and musty. Larisa shivered, her breath coming out in tiny white clouds.

Hugging her chest tight, she looked around. Daylight struggled through a single bare window. Below the window stood a wooden desk cluttered with books and papers and empty whisky bottles.

An open fireplace sat against one wall, and along the thick wooden mantelpiece were photographs of families, and men dressed in army uniforms. They stared at Larisa with their empty eyes and stern faces.

Her heart thumped. It has to be here!

Kneeling beside the bed, she reached into the darkness and felt something cold and hard — a suitcase! She gripped the handle and dragged it out. Leather straps held the case shut. Larisa fumbled with the buckles. Then slowly, she lifted the lid.

Inside were bundles of yellowed letters bound together by faded ribbon. Larisa's stomach twisted in knots. The name on the envelopes was Lady Larisa Kirby. Her Great Grandmother.

A black cloak made from silk lay beside the letters. Larisa drew it from the suitcase. Suddenly, her breath caught in her throat. There it was!
The dagger!

The silver sheath and handle were encrusted with rubies. Trembling, Larisa picked it up. She pulled the dagger from its sheath, the curved blade glinting in the dim light. With despair in her soul, she held it to her breast. She knew that her family's curse would never be broken until she killed him.

Killed the man she so desperately loved.

12 December 2011

you follow us up the garden path


i spin around

empty air, empty ground

yet you are there




11 December 2011

esta eucalyptus

10 December 2011

amidst blood and tears
and a promise of $2 more than the tooth fairy
my wee man finally yanked out his wiggly tooth

9 December 2011

amber's poem #2

wind scatters the air

whistling is heard

trees sway like dancers

lonely puppy in the wind

sadness in its body

i run to pick it up

tail wags...tongue licks

inside...fire burns

happy, sleepy puppy


8 December 2011

makin' hay

7 December 2011


Oh no!

Standing on the other side of the glass door was the farmer from next door, Mr Mugford. 

My tummy squished.
I slid open the door. Phew! Cowplop! Gross!

Mr Mugford’s gumboots were covered in poo and he was wearing baggy, green trousers and a brown jersey full of holes. I looked up at his wrinkly face and messy white hair. He must be the oldest person...ever!
“Where’s ya mother?” he grunted. “Those goats of hers are on the road again.”
Mr Mugford’s thick, bristly eyebrows glared at me like two angry caterpillars.
“Typical townies! Can’t control your stock!” 

6 December 2011

     I squeezed through the cat-door, gripping the prey with my teeth. Mum and Matilda were baking in the kitchen.
I dropped the prize at their feet. "Meow," I said. 
No one looked.
“Matilda, grab some eggs and milk, please,” said Mum, busily sifting flour.
Matilda rushed to the fridge, kicking my soggy trophy across the floor.
A game!
I pounced on the lifeless form, swatting it this way and that.
No one looked.
“Cocoa powder and chocolate chips,” ordered Mum.
Matilda pulled them from the baking drawer.
“That’s everything,” said Mum, smiling.
She stirred the big bowl of ingredients.
Bored with my game and feeling peckish, I chewed off the victim’s head. Tasty!
No one looked.
Mum poured the mixture into the cake tin.

Just then…

     “Mum! The chickens are in the garden!” cried Matilda, racing to the door.
     Mum left the cake tin and followed her.
Picking up the remains of my kill, I jumped onto the bench. I peered into the cake tin. I opened my mouth...plop!
My offering sank.
Suddenly, Mum and Matilda burst through the door.
I fled.
Later that night…
“Welcome home, Dad,” sang Mum and Matilda. They presented him with a large chunk of chocolate cake.

I sat on my chair and purred.
Dad took a big bite. He screwed up his face.
“What’s this?” he mumbled, pulling something out of his mouth.

Everyone looked…

5 December 2011


undies on the line

undies up a tree

undies playing hopscotch...1-2-3

undies on the grass

undies on a log

undies on a sheep's head

undies on the dog

undies has a plan

undies on the rocks

undies makes a move...SLAP!

undies out with socks!

3 December 2011


The smell of pine filled Tommy’s nostrils as he bounced along the path. He sneezed. Damn that high pollen count!
     Just then, a strange, beaked creature darted across the track, disappearing into the undergrowth. Tommy slammed on his brakes. What was that? He dropped his bike and peered into the bushes. Nothing! Maybe it was some weird featherless bird. But instead of wings, Tommy was sure it had hands.
     Tommy shrugged and mounted his bike. Suddenly, something landed on his back. Tommy yelped as he felt a sharp object puncture his skin. His bike wobbled and fell to the ground…

2 December 2011

swim the squiggly line of


go on...

i dare you

1 December 2011

30 November 2011

amber's poem #1

coral snakes are awesome

they are colourful and they are venomous

coral snakes hide in the forest and only come out at

i like snakes but i'm glad they don't live in
new zealand

28 November 2011


Hedgehogs are nocturnal.

But Prickles was sitting in the sun. 

"He is sick," said Amber, my nine-year-old daughter. "Big hedgehogs only come out in the day when they are sick."

Hmmm, I thought he was eyeing up my ducklings and chicks.

No wonder he posed for the camera.

He was sick.


27 November 2011


you are a boar

everything about you is mud

it matters not that i love, desire, and bed you


you are a boar

everything about you is mud

25 November 2011

how do i

return to that place

where i was fed, scarred, and cleansed.

the place of...

...darkness for some...

...glimmer of colour for others.

how do i

return to that place

of passion...emotion...power

i long for its taste.

how do i

succumb to desire...absorb the rawness...spit it out at the world...

then run

how do i

return to that place

and come out...alive