31 January 2013

Daddy ripped up the smelly old carpet in Amber's bedroom.
Underneath were two rotten floorboards near the window.

"I'd love to put my foot through one," said Amber.

"Don't even think about it!" said Mum, who secretly felt the wooden squishiness with her toes. "I'm going to put your bed over top so you can't, and Daddy will be getting them fixed soon anyway."

Then one day, Amber tore out of the bedroom. 
"Mum! My foot went through the floor."

"How on earth?" said Mum, as she ran to see the damage. "You better not have done it on purpose!"

Amber's bed stood half way across the room, and dust rose from the jagged foot-sized hole in the floor.

"Promise, I didn't do it on purpose," said Amber, her brown eyes wide. "I just wanted to see what my bed looked like next to my wardrobe, and I stepped back and then my foot went through the floor."

"You already know what your bed looks like next to the wardrobe," said Mum, frowning.

"Actually," said Amber, pointing at the other decayed floorboard, "I thought my foot would have gone through that one. It's looks more rotten, don't you think?" 

"Hmmm!" said Mum. "Well, you know what's going to happen now, don't you."

Amber gulped. "No, what?"

"Mice are going to jump through the hole, climb onto your bed, and make a nest in your hair while you sleep."

Amber's eyes grew rounder and rounder. 
Then she laughed. "They will not!" She glanced at the hole. "But just in case, I'll put a book over the hole. And I'll put a book on the other board so my foot won't go through that one as well."

"And maybe Daddy will hurry up and get them fixed!" added Mum.


23 January 2013


Fresh from the groomers.

I'm considering buying her a diamante collar to match her beautiful pink bow.


Not quite the farm dog look!


19 January 2013


The most gentlemanly cat.


15 January 2013

huhu beetle

This dude was stuck on his back, so I picked him up. 

He tried to savage my finger with his nippers.

Ungrateful wee huhu he is!

13 January 2013

No one can complain that we haven't had a summer. 
It's terribly hot and terribly windy.

But the nights are warm and calm.
Just lovely when lying on the trampoline at two in the morning watching a star-filled sky.

We saw two shooting stars!
One each to wish on.

I forgot to make a wish, though.

Then I was out early to feed the pigs before the sun peeked around the pine trees.
I love feeding the pigs. I love the noises they make when eating soft fruit. 
If the kids sounded like that, they'd get a good telling off. 

But as for the pigs...they make me smile.


10 January 2013

photo challenge


Happy 8th Birthday
Baby Boy

We love you.



5 January 2013

Today we weaned the lambs.

The ewes are in the front paddock next to the house.

Baaaa Baaaa

The lambs are in the back paddock far away.

baaa baaa baaa baaa

Oh dear!

Not much sleep tonight.