23 July 2012

Well done, Matty Toots

Excuse the nail polish!! :)

20 July 2012

Under the firewood, Little Mouse waits.

When the coast is clear he scuttles out.

For in the gaps of the doormat lies a banquet of crumbs.

And why are there crumbs?


Thanks, Bonnie Dog!

13 July 2012

I've just made my first ever batch of... 



We buy raw cow's milk and for ages I've been keen to make my own butter.

Finally I plucked up the courage to do it.

I separated the cream from the milk and let the cream sit at room temperature overnight. This is to let the bacteria do their thing, whatever that thing is.

Then in the morning I poured the cream into the big bowl of my nan's ancient mixer.

Poor old Beater did his best, the cream made it to whipped stage but wouldn't go any further. And Beater was getting hotter and hotter. 
So, for fear of blowing up a much loved possession, I switched to the food processor.

Luckily I had read about this on a new-found blog

Yay! It worked.
The butter separated from the buttermilk.

Next I washed the butter under cold water and kept squeezing and squishing it with my hands until all the buttermilk was gone.
That part was awfully hard work!

The butter is lovely and creamy but I forgot to add salt. I'm sure it won't matter.

And of course I had to try it straight away on some yummy wholemeal bread I'd made the other day. 
I wish I could say that I'd made the raspberry jam, but it's shop-bought.
I will save my jam making attempts for summertime.

Next on my list is to make yoghurt.


4 July 2012

Happy 10th Birthday

Baby Girl

We Love YOU!