28 March 2013

Troll and I are off to camp.

Catch you all after April

For those who can't see Troll...

27 March 2013

I'm practising turning photos into illustrations.

Can I have your opinions please?

Enlarge the image to have a better look.

25 March 2013

Ride the 
Dandelion Roller Coaster



24 March 2013

I heard it, a sound so slight, and I knew ... he was in the house.

I slipped to the floor, and reached under the bed for the 12" pig sticker that lay there waiting for this night.

I crept across the room to the open door ... the knife cold in my grip.

My silk nightie clung to my moist body; the beat of my heart filled my chest.

I edged down the moonlit hallway. 

Hairs stood up on the back of my neck.

I turned the corner. Shadows deep, menacing ... a floorboard creaked.

The smell of him hit me first.

21 March 2013

14 March 2013

March Photo Challenge



13 March 2013

I'm not sure what happened, but judging by how displeased Hilda Monkey looks and the spoon she is holding, I'd say that Hunchback and Dragon are going to get a taste of their own medicine.

7 March 2013

5 March 2013

The Weekend Away

Our neighbours shifted further down south, a six hour drive from Oxford to Alexandra.

We helped them move and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Central Otago.

the lovely wee dog we stayed with in Alexandra. 

The classic remains of Alexandra's bridge, 
now replaced by steel.

Just downstream from the bridge,
the confluence of the Clutha and Manuherikia Rivers.

Clyde dam - green power.
In the foreground grows wild thyme. 
The smell is heady and strong ... just beautiful.

Lake Dunstan,
 a man-made lake just upstream from the dam.

Lake Dunstan,
where you see Man-slave modeling the latest in glowing work-shirts and jeans.

Hop, skip, and a jump.
Who or what disappeared in the breeze?

A tuft of resilient grass growing out of a large rock.

The bank of Lake Dunstan.

Something fluffy and pretty.

Heading home, downside of Lindis Pass,
the mighty MacKenzie Country, 
named after a notorious sheep thief.

Lake Pukaki,
taken from the window of a speeding car towing an empty horse float.
Not good for one's hairdo!

Looking up the Rakaia Gorge at dusk,
heading towards Oxford and home.