27 February 2012


not anymore!

17 February 2012

Man-slave wearing only a bow tie and g-string enters the bedroom. 

He is carrying my breakfast.

One hand holds a bowl of muesli, sliced banana, prunes, blueberries, yoghurt and soy milk. The other, a mug of steaming green tea. (I know all this because I have it everyday:)

He plonks the breakfast on the bedside cabinet. 
Not a word is spoken.

He then faces the heavy, mustard coloured drapes, gripping each one with his large hands. 
My eyes are drawn to the tightness of his bum cheeks. 

Suddenly, the drapes are forced apart. 

Man-slave turns towards me. 
I gasp. 

His fluffy chest is gleaming in the early sun.



We have SUN!


Oh...then Man-slave leaves and I eat my breakfast. 

The End!

#Yes, sadly, we have mustard coloured drapes! :(

16 February 2012


By crikey, Wibbly Moo!!

I should think so!!

14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's

My beautiful man

I will love you 
til the end of time

There are two pink macaroons waiting for you. So don't be late or I just might have to take care of them myself! :)


10 February 2012

Janey has piglets

Janey is a berkshire pig and this is her first litter. 
She had six live and two stillborn.

It's mind-boggling how quick the piglets are on their feet and around at that milk-bar after being born.

Because Janey had her piglets outside we built a haybale house over her to keep out the cold wind and rain.

This morning all six piglets had survived squashage! 

We then moved Mum and piglets into the nursery shed. 
It's amazing how fast one can run while holding a squealing piglet and being chased by an angry mother pig.

 Thankfully everyone made the shift without losing live or limb.

Now we just have to keep our fingers and toes crossed for the next few days that all our wee piglets make it through.

Well done, Janey.


 (Janey is named after our dear friend Jane. I don't know if Jane appreciates it or not! hehe)

8 February 2012

Look who's had a jolly good time in the washing machine.

I've been frying him under the blow-dryer. And for a brief moment there was life beneath the condensation.

I'm sure tomorrow he'll be a box of fluffies.

7 February 2012

She's a nod, she's a nod, she's a nod, yeah yeah yeah yeah.
She's a nod, she's a nod, yeah yeah.
She's a nod, she's a nod.
She won't prick anymore.

She's A Mod
(Roy Orbison does the intro)

Ray Columbus and the Invaders was a Christchurch band.

And BTW, this song was released before I was even a twinkle in the eye!!

5 February 2012

hands down

Little Hand is sad. 
Given half a chance, he'd dive down that hole, grow some feet and run away.

4 February 2012

touched by love

3 February 2012

Him & Her Heron


I don't understand why boy birds are so handsome and the ladies so plain.

Not fair if you ask me.


And, ta-da...

Her in full flight...YAY!

With a touch of pink for prettiness!