28 April 2012

Lamb chops for dinner?!

23 April 2012

Gosh it was a gorgeous autumn day.

I got in the garden and planted out a variety of vege seedlings, including kale.

Kale is something I've never grown before. I know that farmers grow it as stock feed for their baas and moos, but I didn't think that we could eat it too. 

Apparently it's a superfood.

I bet it's yuck. 


20 April 2012

15 April 2012

Autumn Bonnie

14 April 2012

chirpie chick cakes


7 April 2012

truck shed pigeons

In the hay shed next door lives several pigeons.
I love listening to them coo and watch them fly around our pine trees, wishing I could get close to one or two. 

Well, now I can...

A gorgeous pair have decided to nest in our truck shed.
Aren't they just lovely?

Man-slave is furious and plans to evict them.
But...you know...Yeah Right!

So anyway, the pigeons are quite used to me now and they performed beautifully for their first photo shoot.

Not sure if there are any eggs yet. But I will endeavor to find out.

I thought it unusual for birds, other than chooks, to lay eggs in autumn, but apparently pigeons will lay at anytime if the food supply is good. 




2 April 2012

Tis a sad day.

Wallace has packed his curly tail and left home.
He's gone to live with friends where he'll lead a pampered life of food and making babies.

Wallace was Janey's first-born and I love him to bits.
Out of all the fatsos he was the only one who'd stop eating and waddle over for a tummy tickle.

Here's Wallace in his new home with future 'wife' Fern.

Fern is one week older than Wallace. 
As you can see, I feed my piggies well!!

Janey and the Fatsos.