29 December 2012

After a bit of a break, I've decided to get back into writing.


And to keep me in this writerly mood, we've set up a corner of our bedroom for my desk and other treasured bits and bobs.

This is the first time I've had a special place just for me.
I love it.


Now all I gotta do...is write!


28 December 2012

bye, bye song thrushes

Yesterday I made the hard decision to release Flinch and Perch into the wild.

Their tails were long and they could feed themselves, plus collecting bugs for them was a sad, full-time job.

I didn't want to let them go at home because of all the cats, so we jumped in the car and drove around the shingle roads until we found a dense forest that was far from any farmhouse.

With cage in hand and kids in tow, we climbed over the wooden fence and crept into the forest. 

Exciting stuff? You bet!

For some reason my man didn't think so, but the kids did. Although, they had to be told several times to Shh!
Not good sneaks at all.

My man did point out that we could get shot for trespassing or mistaken for deer. But then I pointed out that with my colourful shirt and purple gumboots I resembled a peacock more than any deer!

Finally we found a tree I was happy with.

I held Flinch and Amber held Perch.
 After a kiss on a feathery cheek we set them free and together they flew up and landed on a high branch.

Tears trickled down my cheeks but I felt proud that I'd helped these two wee birds. 

I hope they have a good life.

Bye, bye song thrushes.


17 December 2012

wee thrush friends

I found them in the rickety shed hopping and fluttering over the hay.

They must have fallen from their nest. 

We're feeding them cat biscuits soaked in egg yolk with the occasional woodlouse and worm.

Once they've grown tail feathers and learnt to peck for food, we'll set them free.

The kids named them, Flinch and Perch.
But I call them Greedy and Guts.

My darling man calls them Dead and Buried!

1 December 2012


A fuzzy helper on the first day of summer.