27 July 2013

A Cloud of Sheep

Orange on the Move

25 July 2013

24 July 2013

I'm still trying to be 'shapeless'


20 July 2013

Do you think this is Shapeless?

'Ladies in Waiting'

14 July 2013

ooh look ...


ooh look look ...


Snow and Ice

next generation of 'vegetable garden intruders'

we told the sheeps, keep your legs crossed.

but do they listen ... nope!

(mummy and twins, one of each btw, are snuggle bugs in the shed) 

8 July 2013

Christchurch Cathedral

The devastation of the Cathedral hit me hard ... like a piece of my heart had been ripped out. I wondered how a building could affect me so much. And I realised it was the special memories I have there.

My nan would often take me to the Cathedral when I was a child. I was in awe of it. We'd climb the tower stairs together. Me running up and down, hurrying her along, while she struggled in high heels. Then the exciting view at the top, overlooking the square when it was a pretty place to visit. I miss it and I miss her.

The photo I took of the Cathedral fascinates me because of the roof shingles. They remind me of a pack of playing cards. Nan and I would spend hours building (when she wasn't teaching me poker!) 'card houses'. Where a wobbly hand could send the whole city crashing to the ground. But we'd always rebuild it, stronger and better. And of course it would have to sit there in the middle of the lounge until I went home days after.

A nana is just the best person to have in one's life.

1 July 2013