25 June 2012

I feel so guilty.

These little suckers caused my healthy eating to fly out the window. 


GOSH they were good!!


Vanilla Cupcakes with butter icing.
I made them last night. 

Instead of using sour cream and cow's milk, I used natural yoghurt and my goat's milk.

They turned out fluffy and moist (don't you just love that word!! hehe). And the icing was gorgeous.

I'll just have to work extra hard tomorrow to burn off those calories, and perhaps eat plenty of raw veg!


23 June 2012

Fantails are the cutest of dudes.

They never sit still, constantly flitting from here to there. And cheeky!
If a door is left open they will fly inside, have a good nosy then scoot out again much to the indignation of the cats.

This wee chap made himself useful by pecking the spiders on the weatherboards.

I got so close to him that I could have reached out and pulled a feather.

20 June 2012

less is more...

that's the june/july photo challenge

12 June 2012

6 June 2012

On the sixth day of winter my true love said to me...

Six inches and growing!!


3 June 2012

milking the goat

Heidi the Saanen goat.

A few years ago I stopped milking Heidi because I couldn't bring myself to remove her babies. 
And share-milking with greedy goat kids was hopeless.

Last year, Heidi started to produce milk.
There was no way she was pregnant as we'd sold all our other goats and she absolutely detested the sheep ram.
Goats are superior, you know! 

I milk two litres from her every second day.
Heidi's milk feeds five cats, one dog and, unbeknown to him, my boy. I also make my yummy porridge with it as well.

One day, I made the mistake of giving Matty a glass of goat milk while it was still warm. He knew straight away what it was and refused to drink anymore. Now I secretly pour it for him from the fridge! hehe 

I don't know if it was false pregnancy or spontaneous lactation, but I do hope Heidi keeps it up.

1 June 2012

Why does the sound of glass shattering make people quickly turn their heads?

Today as I left The Warehouse, I dropped a large glass cookie jar.

It seemed to happen in slow motion...the fall to the floor...the phew! moment when it bounced unscathed...then the almighty...SMASH!


A young shop assistant scurried over. 
"Don't worry," she said. "Go and choose another one."

Talk about doing the walk of shame.
The jars were at the far end of the shop, and I'm sure everyone's eyes bored into me. 

I was the colour of beetroot.

The new cookie jar made it safely home, and he's waiting to be filled!

Perhaps some Chocolate Melt cookies, or some Anzacs.

Yum Yum