31 January 2012

wild, woollie and windy

speaking of windies, 
i'm eating piles and piles of raw veg. 


my tum tum is so sore 




30 January 2012

imagine a day 

when fun and laughter jump, 


sadness stands still

be strong wee one
don't be swallowed up

come...bounce with us


28 January 2012

saturday's tea

fresh blue cod fried in butter and a


crayfish to myself

Jealous Ma??  
I saved you the legs...but then somehow they walked into my mouth...sorry. 
If it's any consolation the cats never got any either! Though, Basil did get some cod. 

Love you :)


26 January 2012

looking at you looking at me

25 January 2012

kiwi summer

Yesterday was burning hot as I chaffed hay for horses. The heat under my mask, goggles and muffs was almost unbearable.  

Today, goosies run along my arms and I wear woollie socks and a thermal. It's a beaut day for chaff cutting.

Yay for kiwi summers!


23 January 2012

spidery shadows


what do you see?

evil bunny from dinglefag

eats stews of boggies and bugs

plays tokyo ping pong

and sings songs with stanley fudge



22 January 2012

Look who's come in from the rain to dry her hairy legs.

None too keen at being photographed and shown on the web!

(wording courtesy of my man, PukekoG :)

20 January 2012

I don't know why I honour blowflies with a blogpost as last night we dealt with yucky maggots on three of our lambs. 

But spying them on the parsnip seed heads made me grin and remember the fun I had with my plastic blowflies when I was a kid.  

Blowflies on ice-cream...cool!

17 January 2012

spot the squashed fox


12 January 2012

fascination in ma's garden


6 January 2012

white-faced heron

The kids and I race inside when we see two white-faced herons land atop the towering tree.

By the time we grab camera, telescope and binoculars, one of them flies off, losing her head in the process.

So we wait...me with camera poised, determined to catch this one in full flight.  

But he decides it's time to preen...

And preen he does!

Every damn feather!!

Still I linger, leaning out the window, arm and neck muscles screaming.

Please, please fly.


And I chop off his legs!


3 January 2012


The kids spied this spider wrapping up her dinner.

She has the most beautiful body pattern.

Any ideas what she is?

2 January 2012



1 January 2012

Look what we saw out our kitchen window...

Morris and Mony Little Owl

 They're nesting in the pinetrees.



My favourite :)
Don't you just wanna squeeze his cheeks?

Nothing worse when you're spying on someone and they turn and look right at you!