20 September 2012

September/October Photo Challenges

'see through'

See Through the lens

See Through

The Letter V


Villain or Victim? 


19 September 2012

Two Pees in a Pooey Pod

Before something disastrous happens to Baby Pigeons 1 & 2, I thought I'd better get their photos...

And a cuddle, too!

His bib is chock-full of food.


17 September 2012

I've developed a complex.

The day after I put up my last blog post a rebel lamb broke through the gate and savaged my row of broccoli plants. He was beheading the first cabbage when he was spotted and chased out. 

I didn't cry or stomp or even swear, but I got his number. He's been moved to the top of the 'Who's For The Freezer?' list.

If that wasn't bad enough, I've had to endure cats digging the leeks and rolling amongst the asparagus, kids standing on the row of pea seeds, and dog burying bones in any dirt I've dug.

Today I planted out ten young fennel and sowed two little rows of french radishes. 
A terrific hail storm hit, bombarding everything with marble-sized stones.

Oh Woe!

But it was spectacular. 
It went from lovely sunshine to darkness in a matter of minutes.
The photos don't do it justice.

I was collecting eggs at the time. The wind was super strong. I could barely walk. The air filled with pollen as thunder bellowed and lightning sliced the sky.   

Then the power went out.

Now it's raining steadily. 
I daren't peep at the fennel, or the radish seeds. I won't even check the two wee pea sprouts who popped up to say, "Hi."

I'll just look forward to planting out my broad bean seedlings in a day or two.


10 September 2012

Spring Has Sprung!


I'm making a real effort to grow most our veg this year.
Every spare moment is spent digging and sowing seeds. My back screams with pain but it's so rewarding when I see the work that I've done. 
And I'm growing plants I haven't tried before, especially herbs.
So exciting  :)

I love peppermint tea.

Gorgeous baby kale.

I planted a whole tray full. And they'll be transplanted into a fenced-off  area where NO sheep, cows, chooks, ducks, turkeys, bunnies, cats, goat or dog can enter!!

A few of the kale seedlings who lost their heads to the lambs in Autumn are growing again. I'm eagerly awaiting my first taste. :)

Yummy asparagus.

7 September 2012

Third time lucky for 
Mr and Mrs P?

I didn't tell you, but Mr and Mrs P had a second disaster in the parenthood department.

They'd built a nest in the black polythene which hangs like a hammock from the roof of the truck shed. Mrs P laid her eggs and was keeping them warm. Every now and then Mr P would fly in and take her place on the nest so she could have a break. 

I also noticed that other pigeons and birds were visiting.

Then one day I found the nest on the floor and two smashed eggs.
Mr and Mrs P were perched nearby looking very glum.

What on earth had happened this time? 

After a short period of mourning, the pair rebuilt a nest on the original ledge where Baby Pigeon was killed. Eggs were laid and Mrs P sat.

But things were still not good.
A pair of pigeon visitors decided they liked the truck shed, too!
They're darker and slimmer. Perhaps a younger couple.

They attacked Mr P constantly. He did his best to keep them away from Mrs P and even I'd rush in and shoo them. But they kept coming back.

Then, over the last few days, the new pigeons have settled. They've built a nest in the black polythene.

I bet it was them who destroyed Mrs P's nest.

At least now they're leaving her alone.

Bestie luck this time round, Mr and Mrs P.