28 February 2013

This is my new friend.

I have no idea what sort of spider he is. 
Perhaps he isn't a spider at all.

It was so hard to get a clear photo of him as he twisted and twirled in the breeze.

Still awfully cute!

23 February 2013

Can you see the fairy piglet?

I think she's wearing a wee crash helmet!

In case you can't, here she is...

21 February 2013

What does one do with a 
stiff mouse tail?

5 February 2013

Yesterday saw us blasted with a cold southerly and 35mm of rain. 
That stopped the nasty drought in its tracks.

Not once did I grumble about getting soaked when I fed the pigs or this morning when I saw the sprinkle of snow on the mountains.
But I did grizzle a wee bit when I put my frozen fingers under hot water.


Roll on winter, I say.


1 February 2013

Feb Photo Challenge

~Dark & Light~

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