21 May 2013

'Never Too Old ...'

17 May 2013

Blacklight & Flame

Rule #1


Like we're going to listen to that.

Chuckle, Chuckle, Purr, Purr


15 May 2013

Fire & Torch

Daylight & Flash

11 May 2013

Three stray kittens

The kittens had been scrounging through our pig scraps for a couple of weeks before I caught them in the cat trap. 

I kept the fluffy boy and called him Henry.

The two girls went to the SPCA. Hopefully they will find loving homes.

Henry is the cutest dude ever.
After much handling he is now cuddly and full of big purrs.
I love him to bits.

Our three female cats don't approve of Henry at all. But then they don't approve of each other. Lots of hissy fits! 

Sneaker looked at Henry as if to say, 'Not another one!' 
But being the lovely puss he is, Sneaker made a move to play with Henry, but Henry hissed and spat. 

I'm sure in time they will become great mates.

A spot of botty washing on the couch.

9 May 2013

Cool clouds in Leeston.