25 July 2014



30 January 2014

thoughtfully intense
fun with the liquify tool

28 January 2014

High Key Poppy
Times Past

24 January 2014

Esta ripples in the water trough
Rose b&w

20 January 2014

Heidi Goat about to bunt Rameo Ram.
Shearing the sheep.
The shearing machines.

17 January 2014

Here's a few of my favourites from what I've
done so far for the 365 project.

6 January 2014

I'm taking part in the 365 Project where you take a photo
a day for a whole year.


Here's my first three images ...

27 December 2013

'Inner peace'

The hungry dahlia.

I don't think the geranium suspects a thing.

25 December 2013

'Someone's in a mood'

23 December 2013

I'm playing with new photo editing software.

Here's Poppy Buzz after a makeover.
Very overdone, but so much fun.


20 December 2013