28 August 2013


 The air fills with torpedoing pinecones
and clouds of pollen.

The noise ... like the crack of gunshots.
The smell ... Christmas.

Animals scatter, humans hide.
Except silly farm chicks with little cameras.

A terrifying machine in every way.
$200 per hour!

When all is quiet, the natives come out to inspect and play.

And scratch an itch or two.

The cleanup awaits.

27 August 2013

Photography Challenge

'Corner Kick'

'What's lurking around the corner?'

26 August 2013

25 August 2013

Lipstick Photo Challenge

Chick Stick

The only lipstick a farm chick needs.

24 August 2013

I spent time in the garden today, turning weed covered dirt into something 
that was neat and tidy and ready to be planted with flowers.

It made me feel so good.

Spring is in the air, and I love it.

19 August 2013

Brussel Sprout Execution Day 

16 August 2013

Forget Ken the Serviceman. 
My new knight in shining whiteware is Dave. He arrived this morning with a loaner washing machine.

I practically fell out the door in my eagerness, pulling a groin muscle in the process.

"I'm so pleased to see you," I cried as I hobbled towards the gate.

"Oh," said Dave with a huge smile, "not many women say that to me."

I didn't like to say that I was actually talking to the washing machine.

"So your laundry has been building up, huh?" said Dave.

"Nope," I said. "I've been hand washing ... and wringing."

"Really?" Dave seemed surprised.

"Yes," I said. "Everything but the towels. I told the towels that they're to stay in the bathroom and be reused until they could walk themselves to the laundry."

I didn't really tell him what I said to the towels. But I kinda thought that if jackets can move by themselves then towels must be able to as well.

The loaner washing machine was installed and my Bosch removed.

"Now!" I said. "I'm a wash-a-holic. I hope this machine can cope with the work."

I must have had my stern face on because I saw a flicker of fear in Dave's eyes.

"Sure," he said. "You do as much as you want with it."

Aww ... what a man!

He did mention that it wasn't as big as what I'm used to.


You can just imagine the replies that whizzed through my brain in that split second. 

But I remained ladylike and said, "He's perfect."

And all day long, I've been in laundry heaven.

This is what our towels smelt like!


15 August 2013

Ken the Serviceman is sick.
He can't fix my washing machine until tomorrow.

Ken the Serviceman is lucky that today there is a gusty nor'west wind.
I am lucky that today there is a gusty nor'west wind.

Because today I had to hand wash the lad's winter jacket.

Why on earth would you hand wash a winter jacket, I hear you say.

Because Tink the Kitten peed on it! 

She denied it of course.

Just like everyone else denied any knowledge of how the jacket went from hanging on the coat hook to lying sprawled in the middle of the lounge. 

Then they had the cheek to point fingers and paws at Henry and blame him for using the jacket as a toilet.

As if my beautiful furman would behave like that.
He asks to go out!

Poor Henry.

Between you and me ... Henry's having a spot of bother in the botty department.

Fluffybums and overeating roast beef do not go well together, if you know what I mean.

Henry had to endure an undignified bottom trim.

I was quite impressed with the result. Quite stylie.

Shhh ... don't tell anyone I used my hairdressing scissors!


14 August 2013

Yesterday my washing machine conked out right in the middle of soaping up Spongebob Squarepants.

The poor baby has lost his spin. 
Oh no! I said. Anything but the ... spin! 


I went into a state of panic. Tears flowed. The thought of being unable to wash ... unbearable.

My man calmly said, it won't matter if you don't do the laundry for a couple of days.


Do you know what happens when you miss a day of washing????

They breed!

Those stinky clothes and towels multiply until there is a huge mountain of smelliness. 

They breed so much that the laundry door bulges under the pressure.

Then I have to do ten loads to make up for it.

I cannot miss a day of washing.

So I'm hand washing our clothes.
I like it. I can daydream to my heart's content.

 Today the sun is shining, the wind is puffing, 
and my clothesline is a row of drippiness.

I'm smiling.

12 August 2013

Sleepy Heads

This is the same bunch of flowers as the zoomie ones.

They're normally open and smiling but today it is so miserable they stayed in bed.

Lucky things.

10 August 2013

Sick Bags at the ready...

I did this by slowing the shutter speed and pushing the camera quickly towards the flowers as I pressed the shutter button down.

Sorry if it is hard on your eyes. But I am a tad proud.


Three weeks left of winter and the spring flowers are making a show already. Even the plum tree is sprinkled with blossoms.

One of my favourite things is to watch the Lamb Gang tear along the fence line kicking up their little hooves.
They so deserve to have their woollie cheeks kissed.

There is only a handful of ewes left to pop. Always a relief when it's over.

And we have nine piglets. Well done Honey Pig!


9 August 2013

I'm trying to ignore the fact that I'm lumbering around the internet like a big lazy dinosaur ... 
I am without broadband *sigh*

If it takes a month of Sundays to upload a photo, then so be it. 
It means I can toddle off and do other jobs while I wait. 

I've started wandering around the farm in the late afternoon taking photos of things I wouldn't normally ... 
hence the barbed wire.

There's been many a time I've hooked my botty on one of those bad boys. Ghastly stuff!

I like to fiddle with the white balance on my little dude camera.
This time I set it to 'shade' and it gave a beautiful richness to the colours. I also love it when I make my camera do fuzzy fronts and backs. Very cool!

Can you see the poo on the wire? I'm guessing birdie revenge.

8 August 2013




'in love'

4 August 2013

The sad side of farming