29 October 2013

return to sanctuary

12 October 2013

Distilling alcohol

9 October 2013

6 October 2013

4 October 2013

Wool 'n' Nuts Productions


Chick Stick goes Trampolining

The End

Please note: No atrocious chicks were harmed in the making of this film but the camera-chook did receive some firm words for wasting time and being silly!

3 October 2013

I was suppose to be weeding but the tulips were so beautiful that I couldn't resist.

Now I must go and feed my pigs and my boy ... and myself for that matter.
One tends to forget to eat when surrounded by glowing tulips.

2 October 2013

Blending layers to create a HDR image.

I'm still learning so please excuse the quality. And I think you're suppose to take three photos,
I only took two.

The light image is actually lighter and the dark one darker than what they are on here.
They went a bit strange when I loaded them.





1 October 2013