29 October 2012

Our weekend visitor...

 the miniature dachshund



20 October 2012

Favourite Books

Please ignore this post. I have to load pictures here to copy the URL so I can put them on the NZIBS writing/photography forum I belong to.


Random Pics

17 October 2012

the look of lamb

12 October 2012

a little on the white side...

my kapa haka boy


8 October 2012

Young Pigeons, P1 and P2.

The last few days have seen a hive of activity in the pigeons' nest.
Coos of encouragement from Mr P and wingy pushes from Mrs P as they tried desperately to remove P1 and P2 from their comfort zone.

Success at last!

P1 and P2 perch while Dad watches from above. 
And maybe Mrs P is due to pop more eggs??


5 October 2012

Yam City
(a writing exercise)

I crawled inside my tunnelhouse to breathe in the heady smell of dampness and potting mix and to see what seeds may have sprouted. Tomatoes and gherkins, zucchini and a pumpkin. But no cucumbers...not yet.
Then I spied them. Tiny ants. A dozen or so scuttling over the chitting yams. They were easy to spot against the white plate on which the yams sat, their black bodies shiny in the afternoon sun like minute polished beads.

I scrunched down on my elbows and knees and watched, fascinated by the way the ants carried off specks of milk powder dotted along a yam. I'd been mixing milk for our pet lambs when I'd decided right then and there that the yams were to go to the tunnelhouse.

A couple of ants looked like they'd sunk their jaws into yam flesh. Maybe sucking what juice remained. Do ants suck? I wondered, as the milk powder carriers scurried over the edge of the plate and made their way down blades of grass, clover and daisy stems.

Suddenly a burning sensation filled my cheeks, my head throbbed and a wave of sickness swept over me as the heat in the tunnelhouse became unbearable. But still I stayed, stuck in my ball-like position. What if the milk powder ants told their mates...party at Yam City! They would march back in their thousands, oozing from the ground in a sea of black. But they wouldn't be after the yams...they'd be after me. EEK!

Quickly I inspected my hands, my arms and my knees. Phew! Ant-free! I backed out of that tunnelhouse and hobbled dizzily inside. Then, for the first time in ages, I sat down and wrote. J