28 May 2012

After a day of battling Nor'west Wind, my sheets are finally dry.

That grumpy old wind did his best by throwing them on the lawn (just missing the chicken poo) or twisting them tightly round and round the line.

But I didn't give up. And now they're back in bed.

I can't wait for beddybye time. It's the bestest feeling snuggling between clean fluffy sheets.


25 May 2012

Baby Pigeon was murdered!

When the pigeons nested in our truck shed, several weeks ago, I thought I was so lucky. 
Every day I'd pop in and say hello. 
Mrs Pigeon would stare down at me as she sat on her egg. 
Mr Pigeon was goodness knows where. He'd disappeared after the deed was done. 

Then one night I heard cheep cheep cheep. Yay, Baby Pigeon had hatched.

I wanted to lean a ladder against the wall and take a peek. But didn't dare for fear of upsetting the works.

The noise at feeding time was incredible. I'd stand outside the shed to listen because if Mrs Pigeon saw me she'd let out a short, deep coo and Baby Pigeon would instantly go quiet.

Oh, I wish my kids were that obedient!

Yesterday, Mrs Pigeon was perched on the bracing near her nest. How strange, I thought. Next thing, she flew outside. 
I couldn't resist. I ran and grabbed the old wooden ladder.

After a shaky climb to the top, I peered into the nest. Baby Pigeon lay there...dead.

Gently, I pulled her out. I was amazed at how big she was. Nearly the size of an adult and nearly fully feathered. There was a gaping hole in her back.

Who could have done this?
Cat or Rat?

My first thought was Rat. It could have easily scuttled along the bracing. But would a rat kill a bird so big?

Next thought...Cat. 
I visualised how it could reach the nest. It would have been a nimble puss to achieve that. 

After a few tears I texted Man-slave. His reply was:

'There were cat paw prints on the bonnet of the ute.'

To avoid the frost he'd parked the ute in the shed, right under the nest. 



Today Mr and Mrs Pigeon were perched together on the power pole. 

I hope they will try again.

11 May 2012

I forgot these were in the camera.

Back in March, my man and I had a very special lunch in the new 'container mall' in Christchurch.

I thought the containers looked neat. They were multi-level and vibrant coloured with decks and banisters. And they felt safe.

Thankfully Mother Nature must have been having a rest as there was not one wobble.

At the Crafted Coffee Company, we sat overlooking the courtyard and ate delicious chicken filo and salad. 
Entertainment was a young long-haired busker and his electric guitar. As much as I love electric guitars, we found it annoyingly loud when trying to talk. Even the waiter wished the musician would leave.

Another source of amusement was a feathery fiend stealing a lady's lunch.

While waiting for her order, the middle-aged lady left her table to chat to someone she obviously knew. A waiter appeared with a burger and fries. He put them on the lady's table. As he left, a cheeky seagull dived in and wrecked havoc, grabbing beakfuls of food and spreading it everywhere.

Ah ha! A photo opportunity! 
But as I fumbled with the focus a commotion broke out. 
People had realised what was happening.

The lady rushed back.
She angrily shooed the seagull away then stomped red-faced into the cafe container. 

Moments later several waiters zoomed out and frantically cleared the mess. 
This time the lady stayed seated and soon a fresh burger and fries arrived. 

I must admit I felt sorry for the seagull. And a bit annoyed that I'd missed out on a photo.   

But, just then, a wee friend joined us for lunch. :)

6 May 2012

explicit detail #3

2 May 2012

explicit detail?

I don't think so.

You know they're bubbles, but you don't know what is causing them. So it's not 'explicit'.

I've just learnt that today.

Guess what the bubbles are from.


UPDATE: ahhhh The photography tutor has been 'explicit' in what he means... 

The detailed part could be something like you do not know what it is - but "whoa" it stands out alright!

So maybe my bubbles are explicit detail afterall.

I still think they're pretty. 


1 May 2012

explicit detail

May's photo challenge is 'explicit detail'.

Do you think this is explicit enough?