29 September 2013

28 September 2013

What I do to Henry when I'm bored.


27 September 2013

September Photo Challenge


24 September 2013

Tractor Digger

my attempt at 



Rocket Man Pencil

22 September 2013

another try at pencils

P.G's Pencil Photography!


20 September 2013

September Photo Challenge


19 September 2013

a moment in time

18 September 2013

The Cat's Whiskers

15 September 2013

My favourite gum tree.
One of the casualties of Tuesday's storm.


14 September 2013

feeling left out?

7 September 2013

Rogey Pig 

Today Rogey and his ladies and his babies broke through the gate of their paddock and helped themselves to the old milk and dairy products.

"Come on!" I said. "I'm a few minutes late and THIS happens?!"

 Honey Pig took one look at me and squealed, "Food's here!" 

She proceeded to chase me round the truck, round the trailer, and round and round the wheelie bins until I managed to grab two french sticks and a loaf. 

With bread in hand, I scuttled towards the broken gate coughing and practically wetting my pants. 
Coughing because I'm in flu recovery and practically wetting my pants because ... 
A: I have a weak bladder and B: I was a tad scared.

And who wouldn't be scared with three enormous pigs after them!

Honey, Janey and Rog followed me through the gate and into their paddock where I tossed the bread as far away as I could ... which wasn't very far because I'm one of those 'girl' throwers. 

But it gave me enough time to get back, put the gate on its hinges and tie pretty knots at each end.

Haa! Haa!

Meanwhile, the babies were enjoying heads down and butts up!

6 September 2013

'forgotten childhood'

my attempt at fine art photography


4 September 2013

a bug's point of view

1 September 2013